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The Goal of CIDA's bilateral program is to support Egypt in its efforts to reduce poverty of the country's marginalized groups, in particular women and children/youth. To achieve this Goal, Canadian assistance will be primarily directed to:
  • Basic Education to further human resource development and;
  • Small and Medium enterprise development to foster better employment opportunities.
These objectives reflect the strong interconnectedness amongst poverty, education and employment.

Gender equality, environmental sustainability, institutional capacity building and child protection will be integral, crosscutting components in the program.

CIDA's Partnership, Regional and Multilateral Programmes are also very active in Egypt, supporting activities through Canadian civil society and commercial interests. These are activities, which promote cooperation amongst Egypt and its neighbors and the development efforts of multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the Francophonie.
Program Support Unit (PSU)
 As its name implies the main purpose of the PSU is to provide services to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Canada-Egypt development cooperation program ... Read More
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  • Guidelines for Proposals to the NEPAD Outreach Fund II
  • Guidelines for Proposals to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
  • Gender Equality Strategy Training

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