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As its name implies, the main purpose of this Unit is to provide services to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Canada-Egypt development cooperation program.

What is the Egypt PSU?
Who are our Clients?
What are our Services?
Fee Charging Schedule
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What is the Egypt PSU?

The Canadian International Agency (CIDA) established the Program Support Unit (PSU) in Cairo, in 1992 to support Canada’s development assistance in Egypt. It is managed by Environmental Quality International (EQI), a local executing agency.

The PSU is a CIDA bi-lateral project that is subject to a Letter of Exchange with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation Section.

Who are our Clients?

The PSU provides support, under cost recovery, to:

Primary Clients:

• CIDA officers at the Development section of the Canadian Embassy in Cairo
• Visiting CIDA headquarters officers
• CIDA Bilateral Program
• Recipient Country Departments
• Canadian Executing Agencies
• Funds for Local Initiatives, Decentralized Funds and Counterpart Funds
• Other Bilateral project personnel

Secondary Clients – Other CIDA Headquarters Branches:

• Canadian Partnership Branch
• Multilateral Branch
• Policy Branch
• Performance Review Branch
• Other CIDA Branches

Other Clients:

• Canadian Post-Other than the Aid Section
• Other Federal Departments, i.e. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Transport Canada, etc.
• Other Clients

The PSU may provide services to other clients, after approval of the Director, and if resources permit

What are our Services?

  •    Program Support Services

  •    Intercultural Services

  •    Administrative, Financial and Logistical Services

  •    Consultants Roster

Program Support Services

  •      Provide expertise, research, information, and training in support of CIDA’s programs and projects in Egypt and the region.

  •      Identify and contract required expertise.

  •      Provide office space and services to consultants (experts) in the fields of Education, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Civil Society, Communications, and other areas as required by CIDA Egypt program.

  •      Provide office space and services to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives and other CIDA funds. 

  •      Maintain a directory of NGOs, Civil Society organizations, and relevant international organizations.

  •      Maintain a data base of consultant’s roster that is accessible for all CIDA clients.  Local and regional consultants can be engaged to assist in program planning, monitoring, facilitation of workshops, training and other areas related to CIDA-Egypt Program mandate. 

Intercultural Services

  •   Overview

  •   Program Description

  •   E-Briefing for Canadians Coming to Egypt for the First Time

  •   Working with the Canadian Partner

  •   Understanding the Egyptian Culture  



The Egypt Intercultural Program supports the process of on-going intercultural learning. It aims at providing intercultural understanding and insight as well as methods and practices that would enable both Canadians and Egyptians to overcome professional and social cultural barriers that may obstruct the development of considerate and respectful partnerships and therefore delay achievement of project/program results.

This is done as a process; and through a network of inter-related activities and services tailored to the needs of Canadian and Egyptian partners, at different stages of project/program implementation.

Administrative, Financial and Logistical Services

Administrative, financial and logistical services are offered to the Canada-Egypt development cooperation program.  The Fee Charging Schedule including the present fees, is available upon request. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  •         Office support services such as translation, equipment rental, access to vehicles and maintenance

  •         Secretarial services

  •         Conference room rental

  •         Vehicle rental (with driver)

  •         Provide information on local goods and services

  •         Personnel-related services such as health and housing

  •         Procurement of local goods and equipment

  •         Travel and accommodation arrangements

  •         Organization of workshops, conferences, seminars

  •         Customs clearance; work permits and residency

  •         Organization of field visits and meetings

  •         Coordination of visiting missions



Consultant Roster 

ë  Overview
ë  Consultant’s Professional Profile


The PSU maintains a consultants’ roster that is accessible for all CIDA clients. Local and regional consultants can be engaged to assist in program planning, monitoring, facilitation of workshops, training and other areas related to the CIDA-Egypt Program mandate. Consultants available through the Roster include specialists in:

  • Administration
  • Banking/Finance
  • Business Management
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Human Resource Development
  • Institutional Development
  • Irrigation/Drainage
  • Private Sector Development
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Training
  • Urban Development
  • Accounting
  • Civil Society
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Gender
  • Health Nutrition
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Social Development
  • Translation
  • Waste Management
  • Water/Sanitation



Consultant’s Professional Profile

The Consultant’s Professional Profile is a form designed for consultants who wishes to include their C.Vs in the existing roster available at the PSU.  Consultants are requested to fill in the form and attach it with their C.V’s and either e-mail it to: or fax it at: (02) 796-4148.


Name of Consultant:



Level of Seniority

o           Senior (holding a Ph.D and more than 10 years of experience in the field of expertise):  (          )

o           Intermediate (holding a masters degree and years of experience from 5 to 10):  (          )

o           Junior (holding a bachelor degree and years of experience from 1 to 5):  (                 )
























Formal Education:  (mention last degree obtained, institution, subject, and year)




Experience in areas of expertise: (number of years)



Work with Canadians of other foreign agencies:


Yes (       )

No (       )

Previous experience in working with NGOs:


Yes (       )

No (       )

Main Areas of Expertise: (specify)





Sub Areas of Expertise: (specify)





Products: (e.g. studies; training; analysis; etc…)




Countries: (specify countries other than Egypt, in which the consultant had experience working)



Work History:


Name of Organization

From (Date)

To (Date)

Nature of Assignment

Per diem






















In accordance with current CIDA regulations for Program Support Units, PSUs are required to offer services on a cost recovery basis. Some services however are offered free of charge.

The following schedule presents both non-chargeable and chargeable services offered by the Egypt PSU. Chargeable services are offered at actual costs.

Non Chargeable Services

International and domestic air travel reservations and ticket confirmations
Hotel Reservations at reduced rates
Booking of train and bus tickets
Local telephone calls and faxes
Short term use of e-mail service
On Arrival and Pre-Departure Orientations, one on one counseling, and distribution of Welcome Kits to arriving Canadian consultants, and project staff. 
Personal search by client for names of consultants in the PSU Roster


Chargeable Services:

Charges quoted is in Egyptian pound (L.E.).





I.  Meet and Assist


  • American Express (through immigration procedures)


  • Transportation from/to airport by PSU cars

LE 45.00

  • More than one passenger


II.  Vehicle Rental

Car and Driver from PSU (if available)


  • In-city (from 08:30 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.)

LE 150.00/day

  • Drivers overtime charge

LE. 5.50/hr

  • Messengers overtime charge

LE. 3.50/hr

  • In-city for maximum of 4 hours a day

LE 15.00/hr

  • Extra k.m. (more than 100 km/day)

LE 0.40/km


Day out of city travel per diem:


  • Breakdown:  Breakfast up to 12:00 p.m.

LE 18.40

Lunch from 12:00 to 18:00

LE 41.60

Dinner from 18:00 onwards

LE 62.40

  • Overnight stay (includes hotel, meals and incidentals)

LE 153.00


Rates for hired drivers


  • Driver’s fees

LE 50.00/day

  • Driver’s overtime

LE 5.50/day

  • Driver’s per diem: Hotel

LE. 30.00/day

  • Meals

LE. 40.00/day



III.  Rental of Equipment Available at PSU

  • Laptop computer

LE 100/day

  • Laser printer

LE. 80/day

  • Flip chart without paper

LE. 10/day

  • TV and Video

LE 100/day

  • Small copier

LE. 100/day


IV.   Photocopying and Printing 

  • A4 size single side (from 1 to 99 pages)


  • A4 size single side (100 or more pages)


  • A4 size double sided


  • Binding

LE 3.00/binder

  • A4 size transparencies


  • Word processing (A4 size)


  • Printing of document


** For further details please contact PSU Director.            


1. Written requests for car / rental must be communicated directly to the PSU at least 24 hours ahead of time. 

2. Rental rates other than PSU cars may vary with car models.

3. Drivers are not allowed to receive any orders or instructions pertaining to car use except from PSU officer. 

4. The PSU will arrange for rental of other equipment and cost will reflect market rates negotiated by PSU with various agencies. 

5. This fee schedule is periodically revised to reflect changes in market prices. 

6. This fee charging schedule has been approved by the CIDA HEAD OF AID . 


You can contact us via the following telephones, fax and/or e-mails:
Address: 4 Latin America Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: (202) 7948967 – 7945901 - 7941098
Fax: (202) 7964148

PSU Director:
Program/Development Advisor:
Egypt Intercultural Program Coordinator:
Business Transformation Manager:
Information Unit/Logistics Coordinator:
Finance/Administrative Officer:
Executive Secretary:


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